Luke Cassady-Dorion

I build things with art + technology


me ...

I work in Developer Relations at Irys, & I love making docs.

I've worked as a software engineer, I've been a CTO, a TV producer, a documentary director, a YouTuber. I've written and contributed to multiple books on software development. I've taught yoga and I've taught Pilates. I have half a BS in Computer Science and a BA in Thai Language Studies.

I am the only Westerner ever to graduate from Ramkhamhaeng University's rigorous Thai Language studies program. I am fluent in English, Thai, and speak B1 level Spanish.

I started coding when I was 10, learned by typing in code from the back of computer magazines in the late 80s.

In the Web1 era, I wrote Java applets and server-side processes. In the Web2 era, I helped found a YouTube channel dedicated to telling positive, uplifting stories.

And now I obsess over how to inspire devs and make their lives easier.

There's lots more info in my resume, and my GitHub

developer relations ...

I lie in bed at night thinking about how to make better docs ...

Everything devs need to know to build with the Irys SDK.

An introduction to Irys, our tech and the problems it solves.

Irys Docs

The Irys docs cover everything devs need to know about our protocol, including how to interact with it using our SDKs and CLI. There is a protocol overview, API docs, guides, tutorials, and more.

Irys Provenance Toolkit

The Irys Provenance Toolkit is an open-source UI library for interacting with our protocol. It is designed to both demonstrate what can be built with Irys and also kickstart new projects.

electronic music ...

Music = Math + Emotion ..

Interdimensional One

Interdimensional One is a generative art and music experience that feeds off NFTs. It's a portal from your monkey mind to a place of stillness. It's the first ever NFT marketplace for sound designers. It's a place you go to relax, you can watch the visuals or interact with them.

Currently running on the Mumbai testnet as an MVP, anyone can mint NFTs and create a generative soundtrack perfect for relaxing.

Travel Back To The Now

Travel Back To The Now mixes traditional Thai sounds with psychedelic noises and dance music grooves. It's designed to transport the listener to their flow state, to quiet their minds and return them to the now. It is available on Apple Music and Spotify.

tv / video ...

I've worked as a director, a producer, an editor, and on-camera talent. Here's some of the cooler stuff ...

The Thai National Cheerleading team is one of the top teams in the world. They're self-taught and have a love for the sport that's absolutely contagious. The Cheer Ambassadors, my directorial debut, tells their story. It's an inspirational underdog story that had audiences cheering in festivals in over 10 countries. The film won multiple awards, was written up in the Wall Street Journal, and had a USA premiere at the San Francisco Asian American Film Festival.

The magic of pop concerts is performance. It's not just what the artist does, it's the product of a massive team of dancers and choreographers coming together to help transport the audience to another world. In D-Dance Dreams, I told the story of a group of backup dancers as they prepare for one of the year's biggest pop concerts. It's about a group of people who love their art, are willing to work tirelessly, and yet rarely get any credit as most people focus on the artists.

Soon after YouTube opened a Thailand office, I cofounded Picnicly, a channel focused on telling upbeat and inspiring stories. We designed the channel to be an oasis of positivity, an inclusive place that would entertain without alienating anyone. Our upbeat storytelling helped us build an audience over 650,000 subscribers in a few years.

In working with corporate clients, I focus on projects where storytelling can be used to introduce a client's product, and then bond with the viewer as we drew them in. In this video produced for Lamont Design, we start with the story of the designer, expand it to share his relationship with Thailand, and finally we introduce his product. A stunning table that mixes contemporary design with traditional Thai craftsmanship.

Before Thailand had miles of malls and megaplexes, traveling troupes would crisscross the country with a portable screen and projector. In village after village, they would set up camp, show the latest films, and narrate them in real-time for a captive audience. I directed this short doc to tell the story of one of the few remaining narrators and his humble museum dedicated to a dying craft.